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“Extending EU Citizenship to the Eastern End of Europe,” a project, funded by the EU Commission DG Justice, Freedom and Security, was launched on Wednesday, January 25, 2006. The main goal of the project is to inform the public about their rights as EU citizens as well as about the rights of those who live in the EU and are not citizens. Information regarding EU citizenship and fundamental rights will be made available through an automated interactive call center, specialized booklets, workshops, information days, panel discussions and radio and TV programs.


An automated information Call Center has been set up to respond on 22662888. Information is availabale in seven different languages. The caller may choose to listen to different chapters by simply pressing keys on a digital phone.


The most significant deliverable of the "Extending EU Citizenship" project concerns the development of 10 top quality Booklets about different issues of citizenship. You can  DONENLOAD the Booklets in any of three languages (English, Greek, Turkish) from the Repository section of this website or from Future Worlds Center's Bookstore.


On 20 June, UNHCR salutes the indomitable spirit and courage of the world's refugees, giving them the encouragement, support and respect they deserve.

On World Refugee Day, we ask you to remember the millions of refugees under our care who are trying to pick up the pieces of once-peaceful lives. As different as they are from each other, one thing connects them all: hope for a better future and a chance to restore lasting peace to their lives.
Help us keep that flame of hope alive!


There were several Europe Day celebrations held throughout Nicosia. On the occasion of Europe Day, Symeonides Coffee Cyprus Ltd, in collaboration with the EU funded project "Extending EU Citizenship to the Eastern End of Europe" and with the support of the Europe Direct Information Network, held an event in Nicosia. Costa Coffee personnel passed out a crossword puzzle prepared by the project team, while Europe Direct Information Network in Nicosia had a stand of informative leaflets and booklets. Customers spent a relaxing time, solving their crossword puzzle while enjoying their coffee.